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One squish wax is pretty cool, but do you know what’s even better? An entire bundle of them! If you’re wondering what a squish wax is, allow us to explain. They’re similar to wax melts, but they work faster, are more potent, and last longer. Plus, they’re wonderfully squishy—need we say more? 

Our signature Across State Lines collection features squish waxes inspired by each of the states and are vegan-friendly and phthalate-free. From the intoxicating aromas of Kentucky’s oak and bourbon to the watermelon-lemon freshness of Florida, you can map your entire journey across the US with artfully created and boldly balanced scents.

We give you the option to choose between three-, four-, and five-pack bundles and customize your mini-collection. We don’t make assumptions about what you want, so you can choose the individual squish waxes included in your bespoke bundle of bliss—perfect for those with a wandering spirit and the curiously indecisive alike.

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