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It's finally happening!!!

It's finally happening!!!




*Awkward wave*


I’ve never been more excited that you’re here! I hope you love this as much as I do!


I’ve been working on this rebrand for quite a while now. I wanted to bring a piece of me into this business. My passion of art and creating. My love for candle making, and my engineering mind of creating the perfect fragrance blends that can stand out from the rest.


I have spent the last several months making each piece of artwork, creating unique fragrances, learning how fragrances work together, and most importantly I’ve been understanding the science behind candles. There’s so much more to them then just pouring some wax into a jar with a wick and lighting it up. There’s a science to it. It’s almost an art form in of itself. It’s a beautiful thing really when you finally get it right, the rewarding high is an amazing feeling.


The web site got quite the revamp too. I wanted it to reflect the new branding while giving people a much easier shopping experience. I’m also introducing a blog!!!!


Now, being a writer is not in my area of expertise, but I hope to be open and share my world with you. The good, bad, and yes..even the ugly.


So come be a part of my little world. Share your creations, artwork, stories. I can’t wait to hear them!


:D Bye!



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