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Sample Collection

If you can’t decide what to buy or want to try a little of everything, choose one of our scented candles or squish wax sample packs (or both!) to broaden your olfactory horizons, elevate your space, and enjoy complex aromas designed to ignite memories and soothe the soul.

Proudly handmade with love in the Lone Star State, our scented candles and specialty squish waxes are vegan-friendly and phthalate-free to deliver pure, unadulterated fragrance that protects people, animals, and our planet. No matter which one you select, Parks and Wick’s expertly-blended fragrances take you on a scent-sational adventure that leaves you feeling balanced and your space smelling fabulous.

 Each of our squish wax samples are delivered in 1 oz samples, and our sample scented candles’ burning time is approximately [insert time]. Perfect for gifting to loved ones or—even better—to yourself, our sample packs bring light, art, and a dash of luxury to any occasion.

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