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Wax Seal Beads Wax Seal Beads

Wax Seal Beads

Convenient, classic, and endlessly romantic, our sealing wax beads and kits are ideal for late-night moments when you’re writing spells or love letters by candlelight—with a feather quill pen, of course!

If you prefer life’s little luxuries, like electricity and ballpoint pens, our sealing wax beads and kits are perfect for putting the finishing touches on stationary, crafts, parcels, invitations, postcards, scrapbooks, greeting cards, or manuscripts. We could go on, but you get the point.

Our sealing wax beads come in a range of colors (including mixed colors and metallics!) and are delivered in reusable glass jars, letting you sign, seal, and deliver personalized gifts time and again. If you need a little more to get started, our seal and wax sets feature everything you need to create wax seal stamps that are as gorgeous as they are unforgettable.

Crafting and gifting aren’t a competition, but you’d be the winner if they were.

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