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Get Your Horror On Halloween Collection

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Step into a realm of spine-chilling terror with our exclusive horror movie-inspired squeezable wax melt collection. Immerse yourself in the iconic scenes and nightmarish tales of "Friday the 13th," "Trick or Treat," "Nightmare on Elm Street," and "IT" as you elevate your sensory experience to new heights of fear.

🔪 Friday the 13th Wax Melt: Crystal Lake Cabin

Enter the eerie world of Camp Crystal Lake with a squeezable wax melt that embodies the lurking dread of Jason Voorhees. As this wax melt melts away, a blend of pine, rain-soaked earth, and the calm of fresh air will transport you to the heart of the haunting woods, where the fear of the unknown is always just around the corner.

🎃 Trick or Treat Wax Melt: Sam's Pumpkin Patch

Let the mischievous spirit of Sam guide you through a sensory journey of Halloween mischief and horror. This squeezable wax melt captures the essence of a moonlit pumpkin patch, blending notes of spiced pumpkin, smoky bonfires, and candy corn. But beware, for in the flicker of candlelight, the rules of Halloween are meant to be obeyed.

☁️ Nightmare on Elm Street Wax Melt: Freddy's Boiler Room

Descend into the realm of dreams and nightmares with a squeezable wax melt that channels Freddy Krueger's malevolent energy. The scent of scorched maple, toasted lavender, and a hint of espresso will fill the air as you confront your deepest fears. Dare to sleep, and you might find yourself facing the blade-fingered terror himself.

🎈 IT Wax Melt: Pennywise's Circus Carnival

Join the eerie circus of Pennywise the Dancing Clown with a squeezable wax melt that captures the essence of Derry's chilling history. This blend of cotton candy, popcorn, and a hint of damp sewer will transport you to the haunting world of "IT." As the wax melt slowly disappears, beware the lurking horrors that feed on your deepest phobias.

Each squeezable wax melt in this collection is meticulously crafted to evoke the atmosphere and essence of these iconic horror films. The carefully curated scents will immerse you in the heart-pounding tension and bone-chilling fear of the silver screen. As the wax melts away, the stories of these terrifying movies come to life in your own space, ensuring that you'll never look at your dimly lit room the same way again.

Indulge in the ultimate horror movie experience as you melt these squeezable wax melts, but remember – once you've ignited the terror, there's no turning back. So gather your courage, dim the lights, and let the horror unfold with every passing moment. Just be prepared for the nightmares that may follow you even after the wax has melted away...


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Get Your Horror On Halloween Collection

Get Your Horror On Halloween Collection


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